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Article VII: Elections

Section 1: Nominations
Nominations for Chapter offices shall commence at the regular Chapter meeting preceding the annual meeting, and shall remain open for each office or seat until that position has been filled. Any active member may nominate a candidate for Chapter office. Pledges may nominate candidates for Chapter office only if the election will be held after the activation of the pledge class. In order for a nomination for Chapter office to be valid, it must be seconded by an active member and the suggested candidate must accept the nomination. Any candidate for Chapter office who, on the day of the election, fails to meet the criteria for eligibility given in article III, Section 1, Clause 1, shall be disqualified.
Section 2: Balloting Procedure
All officer elections shall be conducted by secret ballot, and a majority of votes is necessary to win. If no candidate attains a majority in a race with three or more candidates, the candidate(s) in last place shall be eliminated and a run-off election shall be held between those remaining. If an election ends in a tie between all candidates, the vote shall be retaken; if the vote ends in such a tie a second time, the winner shall be decided by lot.

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