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Article V: Committees

Section 1: Standing Committees
Clause 1: General Provisions for Standing Committees
The Standing Committees of this Chapter shall include the Executive Committee, the Service Committee, the Membership Committee, the Fellowship Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Publicity Committee. Except for the Executive Committee, or as otherwise provided, membership in Standing Committees shall be open to all interested members and pledges who register with the committee chairperson, except that the committee chairperson shall have the right to limit the size of the committee as they see fit, and the President shall have the right to appoint additional members to the committee, even if this causes the committee to grow beyond the size limit set by its chairperson. The chairperson of each Standing Committee shall ensure that the Vice-President of Membership has an up-to-date list of the committee members.
Clause 2: Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Chapter shall consist of the President, the Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Parliamentarian, the Communications Officer, and the Pledge-Trainer. All of these are voting members.


The Executive Committee shall meet weekly at a regular time and place of its own choosing. Special meetings of the Executive Committee may be held on the call of the President, or upon the written request of one-third of its voting members.


The duties of the Executive Committee are:
1) To see that the resolutions, policies, and activities of the Chapter are carried out.
2) To advise the President in the coordination of all Chapter affairs.
3) To refer to the Chapter such legislation as it may desire.
4) To analyze any particular problems of the Chapter pertaining to its program or administration, and to plan for their solution.
5) To receive service project reports from the Vice-Presidents of Service, analyze these projects, weigh their value, and determine the advisability of their continuance; subsequently, to transmit these service project reports to the Chapter Historian.
6) Each year, to consider the proposed budget submitted by the Treasurer and to refer it to the Chapter, together with the committees recommendations, for consideration at the second regular Chapter meeting of the fall semester.
7) At the close of each semester and at the end of summer, to review the financial status of the Chapter, based on the financial report submitted by the Treasurer; subsequently, to transmit this financial report to the Chapter Historian.
8) To perform any other duties as directed by the Chapters governing documents, bylaws, and rules, or by authority of the Chapter.

Clause 3: Service Committee
The duties of the Service Committee are:
1) To assist the Vice-Presidents of Service in the performance of their duties.
2) To make plans for carrying out the Chapters traditional service projects.
3) To work with the Faculty and Administration Advisors and the Administration of the University of Kentucky to identify potential service projects to aid the campus, community, or nation.
4) To work with the Scouting Advisor(s), the local Scout Executives, and community leaders to identify potential service projects to aid the Scouts or the local community.
5) To present definite plans for each service project to the Chapter for its approval, well in advance of the time the project is to take place, and to secure the cooperation of the entire membership in making each project a success.
6) To assist in the formation and continuance of other service organizations.
7) At the end of each semester, to prepare a report its future use which shall include a summary and evaluation of the service program for the that semester.
Clause 4: Membership Committee
The duties of the Membership Committee are:
1) To assist the Vice-President of Membership in the performance of their duties.
2) To run the Chapters membership recruitment program, with the assistance of the Publicity Committee.
3) To check the qualifications and eligibility of prospective members and recommend them for membership.
4) To train the pledges in the fundamentals of Alpha Phi Omega and prepare them for active membership.
5) To develop and execute a membership retention program, in which active members who have not attended recent events are contacted for the purpose of informing them of recent and upcoming activities, and when appropriate, to inform them of associate status.
6) To plan and execute the formal initiation of new members.
7) To assist in the establishment of Alpha Phi Omega chapters at other universities.
8) At the end of each semester, to prepare a report for its future use which shall include an evaluation of the pledging program for that semester.
Clause 5: Fellowship Committee
The duties of the Fellowship Committee are:
1) To assist the Vice-President of Fellowship in the performance of their duties.
2) To plan and coordinate all Chapter fellowship projects.
3) To plan and hold semiannual banquets in honor of newly activated pledges and newly elected officers.
4) At the end of each semester, to prepare a report for its future use which shall include an evaluation of the fellowship program for that semester.
Clause 6: Finance Committee
The duties of the Finance Committee are:
1) To assist the Treasurer in the performance of their duties.
2) To coordinate the financial and fundraising activities of the Chapter.
3) To maintain complete and accurate records of the finances of major Chapter projects.
4) To train members in the bookkeeping techniques used by the Chapter.
5) To prepare reports for the Chapter on the state of the Chapters finances and long-range needs.
Clause 7: Publicity Committee
The duties of the Publicity Committee are:
1) To assist the Communications Officer in publicizing Chapter meetings, projects, events, and other matters.
2) To assist the Newsletter Editor in the production and distribution of the Chapter Newsletter.
3) To assist the Membership Committee with the Chapters membership recruitment program.
4) To make regular reports of Chapter activities to the National Office, for the editor of the Torch and Trefoil.
5) To oversee the production and distribution, for the benefit of Chapter members, of all T-shirts, signs, etc. bearing the Chapter insignia.
Section 2: Special Committees
The Chapter may create special committees, as the need arises, to carry out specific tasks, at the completion of which-that is, on the presentation of the committees final report to the Chapter the committee ceases to exist. The membership of such a committee shall be fixed at the time it is created, with the provision that any vacancies that occur in the committee may be filled as they arise.

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