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Article II: Membership

Section 1: Pledgeship
Clause 1: Requirements to Become an Active
To qualify for active membership in this Chapter, each prospective member shall serve a pledgeship period. During this period the pledge shall participate in a pledging program approved by the Chapter at the last regular meeting of the preceding semester. No part of this program shall involve hazing of any type, or require the performance of personal service for any pledge or member. Upon the successful completion of this pledging program, the pledge shall become eligible for elevation to neophyte status.
Clause 2: Requirements to Become a Pledge
To become a pledge of the Alpha Zeta Chapter, the prospective member must be enrolled at the University of Kentucky or Lexington Community College, and must register his or her intent to pledge with the Vice-President of Membership. The pledge period shall begin at the third regular meeting of the semester, and shall extend up to the day of the pledge elevation meeting. Prospective pledges may join the pledging program at any time from the beginning of the pledge period up to the date six weeks in advance of the pledge elevation meeting.
Clause 3: Elevation of Pledges
Standing rules regarding the procedure for the elevation of pledges may be adopted or amended at the second, third, or fourth regular meeting of the semester; a two-thirds vote is required, provided that notice has been given at the previous regular meeting, or a vote of a majority of the active membership. Such rules may also be adopted or amended at a Special Meeting called for that purpose; in this case, the minimum of a two-thirds vote or a vote of a majority of the active membership is required.
Section 2: Active Membership
Clause 1: Fundamental Requirements for Active Membership
Elevated Pledges:
Elevated pledges shall become active members in Alpha Zeta Chapter immediately after paying the initiation fee, undergoing the initiation ceremony, and being registered with the National Office.

Transfers from other Chapters:
On enrolling at the University of Kentucky, a member in good standing of any other chapter of Alpha Phi Omega may become a member of the Alpha Zeta Chapter by submitting acceptable proof to this Chapter of that fact, and then being given permission to join this Chapter by a majority vote at a regular Chapter meeting.

Graduate Students:
Graduate students may serve in the Alpha Zeta Chapter either as active members or as advisory members. Before participating in any Chapter activities, the graduate student must choose and announce to the membership which role they desire; once this decision has been presented it to the membership, it cannot be changed. If a graduate student has never been an active member of Alpha Phi Omega, they must go through the usual pledging program.

Clause 2: Continuation of Active Status
All active members from the previous semester who are still students at the University of Kentucky shall be considered active until the dues payment deadline specified by the Chapter. Active members from the previous semester who pay their dues after the deadline shall be restored to active status at the first Chapter meeting following payment of the dues. In order to vote at the Pledge Elevation Meeting and in meetings subsequent to it, and in order to retain active status in the next semester, excluding summer sessions, an active member must do the following:
1) Complete a minimum of ten service, five committee hours and one fundraising hour during the current semester. All outside hours count as half and there is no limit in number received outside the chapter, however you must still participate in chapter service projects normal.

2) Attend at least fifty percent of the regular meetings held during the current semester, and not miss more than two regular meetings in a row.

3) Fulfill all financial obligations to the Chapter and the National Office in a timely manner.

4) Refrain from any hazing activities or other behavior specifically denounced by the Chapters governing documents, bylaws, and rules.

5) If a member signs up to attend a service or fundraising project, the member is required to attend the service and/or fundraising project, find a replacement, or contact the project chair. If a member fails to do so, one hour will be deducted from their total number of hours.

An active member who completes these requirements after the Pledge Elevation Meeting but before the end of the semester retains their active status, but cannot vote until the requirements have been completed. It shall be the obligation of each active member to transmit their current mailing address to the Vice-President of Membership.
Section 3: Associate Membership
Clause 1: Associate Status
An active member who submits a written statement to the chapter stating that they can not fulfill the requirements for continuation of active status. Upon a majority vote he/she shall become an associate member. An associate member cannot:
1)vote on any chapter affairs.
2)hold any office.
3)nor chair any committee.
An associate member may participate in any other aspect of the fraternity. Associate membership is limited to two semesters for the first eight semesters. If a member is still active following their eighth semesters associate membership is unlimited. An associate member must still pay dues. They must also give the Vice-President of Membership a current mailing address.
Clause 2: Active Member on Probation
An active member who fails to meet the requirements for continued active status shall be automatically placed on probation the following semester, but still retains rights of an active member. Members are removed from probation once they meet active requirements for the current semester.
Clause 3: Suspension
An active member who fails to meet requirements for continued active status while on probation shall be placed on suspension. A suspended member may not:
1) vote on chapter affairs.
2) hold any office.
3) nor chair any committee.
A suspended member must make up the requirements that were not fulfilled during the probationing semester. In instances where the suspended member cannot make up the missed requirements the executive committee will find a suitable substitute. If the suspended member satisfactorily completes the requirements they will be removed from suspension and remain on probation.
Clause 4: Expulsion
An active who fails to meet requirements for continued active status and fails to complete requirements while on suspension shall be brought forth to the active chapter for a vote of expulsion. An expelled member shall be removed from the volls of the chapter and is denied all rights and privileges of the fraternity. The National Office shall be notified of the chapters decision to expel l the member. If the chapters vote is not in favor of expulsion, a member shall remain on suspension. The Vice-President of Membership shall notify the member in question at least four weeks prior to the expulsion proceedings and all members shall be notified two weeks prior to expulsion proceedings.

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